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Clinical Training

The Knowledge Your Staff Needs

Most medical providers, and particularly emergency medical staff, have not received extensive training to understand the unique factors involved in assessing and managing behavioral heath patients. For medical and allied staff dedicated to providing compassionate care to their patients, this lack of training often results in defensive, reactive medical practices. While understandable, this approach is often clinically ineffective and costly resulting in unnecessary interventions. 

TelePsych Supports can develop specific training catered to the needs of your staff, facility, and organization to deepen their awareness and understanding of psychiatric issues presenting in emergency situations:

  • Assessing imminent risk to self and others

  • involuntary commitment criteria

  • Understanding the suicidal and homicidal mind

  • Evidenced-based crisis assessment and treatment protocols 

  • Distinction between Affective and Predatory violence

  • De-escalation of hostile patients

  • Other topics as requested

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